Published: 26/05/2017   26/05/2017


What is due process and how does UNE contribute to ensuring compliance with the principles of due process in the immigration administration?
UNE is resuming board meetings. We are introducing measures to control infection that are in compliance with the recommendations from the health authorities.
Published 06/06/2019  
Due to a technical data error, appellants have not received automatic notifications from us in a number of family immigration cases. This problem is now solved.
Published 07/02/2018   Afghanistan Asylum/protection Statements
The amendment to the regulations give a group of people who have been granted time-limited permits as unaccompanied minors the right to re-apply for protection. The applications are to be submitted to UDI.
Published 16/01/2018   Statements
Before Christmas 2017, the Storting adopted a legislative amendment that revoked the Ministry’s extended right of instruction, which has been in effect for two years.
Published 15/01/2018   Statements Afghanistan Asylum/protection
Some of the applicants who came to Norway as unaccompanied minor asylum seekers will now have their cases reconsidered.
Published 24/11/2017   Statements Identity Court cases
Refusing to issue travel documents to refugees whose identity has not been substantiated is in accordance with the UN Refugee Convention, determines a new Supreme Court judgment.
Published 20/09/2017   Grand Board Revocation Asylum/protection
In June 2017, the Grand Board found that UDI was right to revoke the refugee status of two Somali nationals because they no longer needed protection.
Published 22/06/2017   Statements Service
Information from UNE you can get here on our website, or you can call the case information service on 21 08 50 00.
Published 28/05/2017   Service Statements
For just over twelve months, we have been working hard to produce our brand new website. We are now proud to present the new; in a new design, with new content and a modern, flexible and user-friendly interface.