Published 24/11/2017   Statements Identity Court cases
Refusing to issue travel documents to refugees whose identity has not been substantiated is in accordance with the UN Refugee Convention, determines a new Supreme Court judgment.
Published 20/09/2017   Grand Board Revocation Asylum/protection
In June 2017, the Grand Board found that UDI was right to revoke the refugee status of two Somali nationals because they no longer needed protection.
Published 22/06/2017   Statements Service
Information from UNE you can get here on our website, or you can call the case information service on 21 08 50 00.
Published 28/05/2017   Service Statements
For just over twelve months, we have been working hard to produce our brand new website. We are now proud to present the new une.no; in a new design, with new content and a modern, flexible and user-friendly interface.
Published 09/03/2017   Security under the law Statements
The Special Court of Law Committee submitted its recommendation on Thursday 9 March 2017.