People who have been granted a residence permit in Norway and who cannot apply for a travel document from their home country, can apply to be issued a travel document from the Norwegian authorities.

UNE cannot demand that applicants who have been granted refugee status in Norway because they are persecuted by the authorities of their home country contact these authorities to apply for a passport or ID documents. Such applicants can apply for a travel document from the police in the place where they are living.

In UNE's opinion, applicants who have not been granted refugee status but hold another type of residence permit, can contact the authorities in their home country to apply for a passport or ID document. If they are not issued such documents, they can apply to the Norwegian authorities for an immigrant’s passport instead.

It is also possible to apply for a travel document for single journeys; read more about this on the UDI's website under the topic «Immigrant’s passport for a single journey» (external link).

What do we consider?

The most common reason for UNE rejecting an application for a travel document or immigrant’s passport is that the identity of the applicant has not been substantiated.

UNE rejects many applications for immigrant's passports because we believe that the applicants have not done everything in their power to obtain a passport or ID documents from their home country or a foreign service mission.

If one or more of the rules in the Norwegian Passport Act are not complied with, UNE can reject the application.

Everyone who applies for a travel document must substantiate their identity. As a rule, applicants must present ID documents that are approved by the Norwegian authorities. UNE will reject the application if the applicant’s identity has not been substantiated.

UNE can reverse a decision if we believe that the person applying for an immigrant’s passport has done everything in his/her power to obtain a passport or ID documents from the authorities in his/her home country without succeeding. Among other things, copies of all relevant documents must be presented, including the authorities’ reply.

UNE very rarely reverses decisions in cases where the application was rejected due to doubt about the applicant’s identity.