UNEs feature articles analyse certain selected topics within immigration law in more depth. The articles are written by our legal professionals. 

Feature articles

Saken til den afghanske ateisten Josef Moradi har vært godt belyst i media. Hvordan UNE vurderer saker om asyl fra ateister, har vært dårligere belyst. Det har ført til misforståelser om hva som er UNEs praksis.
It is an important legal principle that similar cases should have the same outcome. In the appeals board system, there are nonetheless legitimate reasons why cases with many similarities sometimes have different outcomes. One reason is a wish to adjust the board’s practice.
Since its establishment in 2001, UNE has made almost 120,000 asylum decisions. In a small number of cases each year, an appellant or his or her spokesperson informs us that things have gone wrong after the return. What does UNE do in such cases and why?
What is due process and how does UNE contribute to ensuring compliance with the principles of due process in the immigration administration?