Published 16/12/2016   Case processing Statements
The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) has hired a medical adviser to assist in case processing and work in relation to court cases.
Published 02/12/2016   Suspension of return Statements Storskog
The duty to leave Norway has been suspended for foreign nationals who in 2015 applied for protection in Norway having entered the country at Storskog border crossing.
Published 29/09/2016   Statements Storskog
As a result of the rapid growth in the number of asylum seekers arriving via Storskog border crossing in autumn 2015, the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) established a special fast-track project to deal with this portfolio.
Published 06/06/2016   Statements Identity Asylum/protection
The ID work carried out in connection with the large influx of asylum seekers in autumn 2015 has now been evaluated.
Published 07/04/2016   Dublin cases Statements
Collaboration under the Dublin Regulation and reports of poor asylum reception conditions in Italy have left their mark on the cooperation between Italy and other European countries since long before the influx of asylum seekers to Europe took off in autumn 2015.
Published 22/02/2016   Storskog Statements
The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) has earlier this year held 20 hearings in individual cases concerning foreign nationals who arrived via Storskog border crossing to seek asylum in Norway.
Published 19/02/2016   Statements
The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) has submitted a consultation statement concerning the proposed amendments to the Immigration Act (Innstramninger II) of 29 December 2015.
Published 19/01/2016   Statements Long-staying children
In December 2014, the Immigration Regulations were amended to attach more importance to children’s connection to Norway when considering whether to grant residence on humanitarian grounds.