Collective protection for Ukrainians in Norway

Ukrainian citizens who apply for protection in Norway will receive temporary collective protection for one year. Your protection permit may be extended.
Collective protection means that the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) does not assess the need for protection individually but give Ukrainians fleeing the war in Ukraine and their family members collective protection. 

On the UDI's website you will find more information about the process, rights and obligations related to collective protection for Ukrainians (external website).

Questions and answers

UNE has not suspended the duty to return to Russia. This means that if you have had your application for a residence permit rejected and do not have a case pending in UDI or UNE, you are obliged to return to Russia.

If you are in Norway and do not have a case pending in UDI or UNE, you can request that UNE reconsiders your case (request for reversal). If you request such a reversal, and are granted a deferred implementation, you are allowed to stay in Norway until your case has been reassessed. 

UNE is closely monitoring the situation in Russia, and makes concrete, individual assessments of the question of return in each case.