Journalists should preferably contact UNE during core working hours, which are from 09.00-14.30. Staff with expertise on different issues may not be available outside these hours. We can be contacted at:

Phone: (+47) 948 19 501


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Access to individual cases

UNE has a duty of secrecy in individual cases, but the appellants do not have a duty of secrecy in relation to their own cases. We recommend that journalists who are going to write about individual cases ask the appellants or their lawyers for a copy of UNE’s decision. This will give us more freedom to make a statement. Please state the date of the decision(s) you have received a copy of in connection with questions to UNE. Also state the DUF number, a long case number that starts with a year.

Press contacts in UNE's communications section:

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Bente J. Baklien, Senior Adviser, mobile no: 411 26688, e-mail

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