Questions and answers

UNE has not suspended the duty to return to Russia. This means that if you have had your application for a residence permit rejected and do not have a case pending in UDI or UNE, you are obliged to return to Russia.

If you are in Norway and do not have a case pending in UDI or UNE, you can request that UNE reconsiders your case (request for reversal). If you request such a reversal, and are granted a deferred implementation, you are allowed to stay in Norway until your case has been reassessed. 

UNE is closely monitoring the situation in Russia, and makes concrete, individual assessments of the question of return in each case.

If you wait too long before you leave after you have received a positive reply from IOM, you can lose your place in the return programme even if you are waiting for a decision from UNE.  IOM does not have access to information about your case with UNE and doesn’t know that you are awaiting a decision. If you are wondering whether you can wait for our decision without losing your place in the return programme, you must contact IOM.

If UNE has rejected your application resulting in you having to go home, it means that UNE believes that it is safe for you to return home. Once you have arrived in your home country, the authorities there are responsible for your safety.