Spørmål og svar

Yes. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has adopted a scheme where you can be exempted from restrictions on the right to work in Norway if you perform work in the health and care sector related to the corona situation. You will find more information about this scheme at UDI's webpage

The exception applies from 7 December 2020 to 31 May 2021.

From 1.June 2021 the ordinary restrictions on the right to work come into affect, regardless of whether your employment contract in the health and care sector expires at a later date. The Ministry will make a new assessment of the need for extension of the scheme as the expiry date approaches.

On the Government's pages, you can read the decision from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (external link in Norwegian only).

Yes, your given deadline for leaving Norway still applies during the coronavirus outbreak. Due to the coronavirus outbreak it may be difficult to leave Norway within the deadline you have been given. You are, however, still obliged to try to leave within your given deadline. If you have tried, but it has been impossible to return to your home country or country of residence within the deadline, you must contact your local police station in Norway or the National Police Immigration Service, to apply for an extension of your return deadline. 

From 15. September 2020 UDI will follow up cases where foreign citizens stay in Norway after their return deadline. If you stay after your return deadline it may result in rejection of entry or expulsion. You can read more on UDI's website.