A committe for the immigration authorities have outlined a scenario that up to 35 000 asylum seekers can come to Norway this year, with 30 000 of these coming from Ukraine.

The scenario is a preliminary estimate, based on Ukrainian refugees coming to Norway themselves. This means that refugees transferring from neighbouring countries, will be in addition to this. The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Emilie Enger Mehl, states in a press-release that this number can become higher (external link).

The Government have instructed UDI to upscale the capacity for reception centres to increase the emergency preparedness and ability to handle the expected increase in Ukrainian refugees coming to Norway.

UNE’s role

The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) is the appellate body for immigration and citizenship cases and is not affected in the same way as UDI and the National Police Immigration Service (NPIS) in registration and receiving Ukrainian citizens that are granted collective protection. First, when applications given on individual basis are processed, appeals can be directed to UNE.

To strengthen the work in registration of refugees coming to the national reception centre at Råde, UNE have sent nine employees. They will mainly help in the first registration talk, which the NPIS usually handles.

UNE director, Marianne Jakobsen, says that the extra resources now being lent to the reception centre, is an important contribution where the pressure is high.

- UNE must contribute where the challenges are now extra many, but we have to do this in a way that does not come into conflict with our role as an appeal board. Using some of our staff to register and interviewing newly arrived refugees at this point, is both a right priority and fully defensible with our role as an appeal board, says UNE’s director.

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