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As of 20.03.2022, UNE has processed 125 cases, of which 58 have received a permit in accordance with the temporary regulation for older asylum seekers with a long residence time in Norway.

"Many of the refusals given so far are because they do not meet the criteria of length of time or age," says head ofdepartment for preparation and case flow at UNE, Torgeir Tofte Jørgensen. 

Tofte Jørgensen says he expects the number of permits to increase as more cases are processed. "We process the cases continuously," he says. 

The deadline to request an assessment expired on December 1st 2021. Approximately 140 people have asked UNE for an assessment of their case within the deadline.  "We are not able to give an exact figure on the number of cases as some have sent multiple applications, while other cases have been sent to the UDI for processing," says Tofte Jørgensen. 

Which countries do the asylum seekers come from?

"The bulk of the cases are from nationals of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Iran. We have also received som cases from nationals of Iraq and Somalia, in addition to individual cases from other countries," says Tofte Jørgensen. 

About the temporary regulation

The temporary regulation was passed in order to give older asylum seekers with a long residence time in Norway a right to recieve a permit. The regulation came into effect on June 1st 2021, with an application deadline on December 1st 2021. Several criteria has to be met in order to be eligible for the permit: 

  • You have applied for asylum in Norway, and have not returned after a negative decision
  • You have lived in Norway for at least 16 years by October 1st 2021
  • You have a combined age and residence time in Norway of at least 65 years
  • You lived in Norway on January 1st 2019
  • you have not received a criminal conviction

The regulation cease to exist when all the cases have been processed. 

More information on the temporary regulation

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