Most people will receive an answer within eight months after applying asylum with the police.

The police, UDI and UNE have a goal to not spend more than a combined eight months to process most asylum cases. We look at when you applied for asylum when we decide which cases to process first.

Some cases may take longer than eight months

Some cases may, for a variety of reasons, take longer time to process. If you are one of the applicants who have not received an answer from us within eight months, we will prioritize your case.

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More on Dublin-cases

The waiting times for asylum cases also apply to complaints processed under the Dublin rules (Dublin cases). These are cases where Norway asks another country to consider an asylum application.

If your Dublin case has been rejected by UDI, you can ask to remain in Norway until UNE has considered your appeal. You must make such a request within 48 hours of UDI’s rejection. UNE takes up to six days to decide whether you can remain in Norway.

If we decide that you cannot remain in Norway, you will be sent to the country that is responsible for the application and that is part of the cooperation under the Dublin Regulation. This may happen shortly after UNE has decided that you cannot remain in Norway.

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Waiting times may change

We will update the information on this page once a month.