Welcome to the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board – or UNE as we call it.


Sometimes, we ask if a child would like to come and talk to us. This is in order for us to get to know more about you and your family. Whether you choose to attend, is up to you.


You can choose to be accompanied by an adult that you trust – such as a guardian or a lawyer.


At UNE, you will talk with a Board leader. This person is almost like a judge, and is responsible for yours and/or your family's case.


We have a special meeting room for younger children.


If you do not understand Norwegian, a translator will be there to help you.


Four adults, three from UNE and your guardian or lawyer, will follow your conversation via a TV-screen in the room next door. They will see and hear what you and the board leader are talking about.


The board leader will ask questions about you and your childhood. He or she is used to talking with children about all matters – including those that may be difficult to talk about.


It is perfectly fine if you do not want to answer a question, or if you don't know the answer. However, remember that what you say has to be true.


Everyone at UNE is bound by confidentiality. This means that we cannot tell anyone what you have told us.


You have the right to speak freely in cases concerning yourself. What you tell us will be very helpful when UNE decides who gets to stay in Norway.

  • Every child has the right to be heard in cases involving themselves.
  • Sometimes we ask if you would like to talk to us. This talk is not compulsory.
  • It is perfectly fine if you do not want to talk about a certain topic.
  • Everything you tell us has to be true.
  • We are not allowed to tell anyone what you tell us.