A case officer will always review your case and prepare it before it is decided. We look at all the documents in your case and assess them in relation to the regulations.

We also use information about the country you come from. Our most important source of such information is the Norwegian Country of Origin Centre (Landinfo), but we use many other sources as well. 

Most of the cases are decided by a board chair

The case officer proposes to the board chair what outcome the case should have and why. The board chair reads the documents and the proposal from the case officer. If the board chair believes there is doubt about which outcome the case should have, the case is considered at a board hearing.

Some cases are considered at board hearings

When the case is considered at a board hearing, one board chair and two board members decide. Sometimes, the board chair will deem it necessary for you to come to UNE to give an oral statement. We will in such case notify you that you have to come to UNE. In other instances, the board chair may find that the case can be decided without you having to come to UNE to make a statement. Read more here about the types of cases that are considered at board hearings.

The most simple cases are decided by the secretariat

The secretariat of UNE can decide very simple cases without involving a board chair. This means that at least two case officers assess and decide the case.

Very special cases are considered at a Grand Board hearing

In very special instances, the case is decided by a Grand Board. This happens a couple of times a year. At a Grand Board hearing, the case is decided by three board chairs and four board members.

Questions and answers

Whom you can talk to and what type of answer you might get, depends on the type of case and how far in consideration the case has come. In certain cases it may be the case officer, in other cases it may be the service desk. Beware that most of our case processing is in writing. If you have something important you wish to inform us about, it’s best you write to us. On our Contact UNE page you will find our address and phone number.


We aim to give you a reply within three weeks. Sometimes it can take longer. You will be told how long we expect it to take at the end of the board hearing. We will send the reply to your lawyer. If it takes a long time, you can phone your lawyer.

We register and read all the information that is sent to us. Any new information you send is archived together with your case and all documents we already have. This means that when your case is considered, the case officer will have access to all documents in the case.