UNE is resuming board meetings. We are introducing measures to control infection that are in compliance with the recommendations from the health authorities.

The measures include only using meeting rooms that are sufficient in size, so attendants can keep the recommended distance of two metres. Rooms will be frequently cleaned, and each room will only be used once per day. To avoid too many people being located in the reception area at the same time, starting times and scheduled breaks will vary from meeting to meeting.

Ever since UNE decided to postpone all board meetings due to the corona situation, there has been an ongoing effort to find ways to safely resume board meetings. The local Health Agency has been on inspection, and confirmed that board meetings can be resumed as long as necessary measures are being taken.

Other hearings (forvaltningssamtaler) are also resumed. Meetings that can be held via phone or video will be carried out as quickly as possible by appointment with appellant and lawyer.

Are you attending a board meeting at UNE? Read our guidelines for infection control during board meetings.