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UNE will maintain approximately normal operations, but will prioritise cases that can be decided by a board chair.

– The corona situation affects all areas of society, including the immigration administration. Like other administrative agencies, the Immigration Appeals Board must make adjustments in working methods now. I refer to the information below, and am sorry that applicants, board members and other partners may be affected by a temporarily reduced capacity in our case processing, says Director General of UNE, Ingunn-Sofie Aursnes.

Prioritising cases

In the next few weeks, we will prioritise cases that can be decided by a board chair after preparation of the secretariat. It has been decided that all board meetings and other hearings are delayed.

The postponement of board meetings does not mean that cases that should have been processed in a board hearing are treated differently. We will put board meetings on hold until we are back in normal operations. The same applies to other hearings.

The switchboard is open

Our switchboard and the information service are open as usual. In order for us to have as few people physically present in our premises, we urge all who need to submit information to UNE, if possible, to use electronic solutions. You can find more information on how to contact UNE here.

Extensive use of home office

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the vast majority of UNE-employees now work from home. This will be the situation at least until week 16. The waiting time in some of the cases may increase during this period, but we try to process all the cases we can handle as quickly as possible.