With effect from 1. July 2020 a new temporary law makes it easier for foreign nationals who have a work permit or a student permit to travel to Norway.

The new temporary law means that the issuing of work and study permits for people residing outside of Norway is no longer put on hold at UNE, and the cases will be processed as normal. Aupair cases are still on hold. 

From 1. July 2020 you can travel to Norway if you have:

  • a residence permit according to the rules on labor immigration
  • a study permit or
  • you are an EU/EEA citizen who are going to work or study in Norway.

If you are required to have a visa to Norway, you must apply for an entry visa following normal procedures first. You can obtain an entry visa from the application centre (VFS office) you submitted your application. If the applications centre is closed, you must wait until the VFS office opens again so you can obtain an entry visa. 

If you already have an entry visa in your passport, you can enter Norway if the entry visa is valid. 

If the new travel regulation applies to you, make sure to read important information about entry an quarantine before you travel. For more information on the new regulation and important travel advice visit UDI's webpage (external link)

For more infomation on the new law: