UNEs webpage on mobile

For just over twelve months, we have been working hard to produce our brand new website. We are now proud to present the new une.no; in a new design, with new content and a modern, flexible and user-friendly interface.

Why have we made a new website?

A new website was well overdue; the old one (from 2008) was outdated and not particularly user-friendly. Rather than enabling users to find the specific information they were searching for, the old website was more a presentation of UNE and our work. In addition, the old site did not comply with either our graphic profile or our language profile, and was not suitable for mobile users.

The main goal with the new une.no website is to provide design and content that is shaped by the needs of our users.

A user-oriented website

The users of our website should be able find what they need without having to search through a lot of unnecessary information first. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time prioritising the right content. We have gathered input from, amongst others, employees at reception centres and legal advisers. We have also, on a regular basis throughout the project, undertaken user tests.

This knowledge has led to a website where users will find the most important information for our main target group first. We also have a much improved search engine. We have put a great deal of focus on design, user experience and language.

All content is available in Norwegian. Most of the content is also available in English, and we have some content in Arabic, Dari and Pashto. Eventually, we will also have some content in Somali.

The new website works just as well on a mobile as on a pc, and it is customised for users with functional impairments.

Who are the target groups?

The main target group for the new une.no is the informal helper, such as employees at reception centres, family and friends and others who help people who have a case with us. Two other target groups are: people who have a case with us, and lawyers/legal advisers.

Original content will be written in a tone that most Norwegian speaking people without previous legal knowledge can understand and are able to explain to others. Translations will follow this same guideline.


We are committed to providing the best possible service to our users and, to this end, we will continue to focus on further developing and improving the website. To help with this, we have included a feedback button at the bottom of the website. We appreciate any and all feedback regarding your experience in locating (or not) the information you are looking for.