The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) has asked the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) to suspend the duty to leave the country for families with children who have lived in Norway for more than three years. UNE’s reply is provided below.

NOAS also asks several questions about UNE’s procedures for considering deferred implementation, about the case processing in cases involving children who have lived in Norway for a long period, and UNE’s duty to provide guidance and information pursuant to the Public Administration Act. In its letter, UNE points out, among other things, that a request for reversal that has not yet been considered/decided cannot preclude a decision on a preliminary injunction (‘Rule 39’) by the ECtHR.

Based on NOAS’s enquiry, we have updated the information about the one-off solution at so that it states that families with children need to submit a request for reversal themselves. You can read UNE’s reply to NOAS here. NOAS’s enquiries are available here.

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