Case department 1

This department is responsible for asylum cases from Africa, citizenship cases, revocation, travel documents, permanent residence and identity.

Head of Department: Georg Magne Rønnevig


Case department 2

This department is responsible for asylum cases from Asia, family immigration cases, cases where one can apply for a residence permit from Norway and unaccompanied minor asylum seeker (EMA) cases.

Head of department: Ingun Halle


Case department 3

This departement is responsible for asylum cases from Europe and America, EEA cases, all expulsion cases and Dublin cases.

Head of department: Marianne Granlund


Case department 4

This section is responsible for asylum cases from the Middle East and North Africa, visas, various work and residence cases, convert cases and Section 36 cases.

Head of department: Terje Østraat


Department for preparation and case flow

This department carries out initial assessments of the cases that UNE receives and steers the cases into the right processing channels. The unit is also responsible for work on forecasts and statistics, flow and improvements, issuing notices of board hearings, the case information service and the switchboard. In addition to its permanent staff, the unit is also staffed, on a rotational basis, by case officers and board chairs.

Head of Department: Torgeir Tofte Jørgensen